A person, place or thing (nouns) can sometimes jump out at you and make you want to capture it. Most times, they're just getting in my goddamn shot and ruining it. I see what I can convert that into.

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Newfoundland & Labrador:  Much coming soon. Went out there to relax, in a barren place, and came back w/ many flicks. I'll have them in the gallery sooner or later.



nature work

Coming from a big city, any chance I get to escape pretentious jerks, to observe nature, I take it. The world disappears, you're all alone with your scenery, you're in a trance.


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US Canyons, National Parks and Old Wild West trip. Finally got around to seeing U.S. National Parks at rather bizarre times. Some challenging/interesting things there.

Sometimes photography and digital art expression can find themselves separated by a very blurred line. I often like to walk that line... between trash and treasure.


let no one convince you that pictures you take, which help you remember something forever, are not classics.


Western Canadian Rockies: Scouting the most beautiful region around.  Had to scout out the scene to see how it looked drunk. Serious beauty is there.

​​Uruguay: Backed up and backlogged by 3 trips.  One day, I'll be able to produce SOMETHING from this work trip I tried to convert to vacay, unsuccessfully.


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Noun work


night work

latest work

A stroll at night can unearth great scenery. While others are sleeping around or stabbing people, each spreading DEATH at night, I'm dodging these dodgy people, looking to bring LIFE to night.